club system

PortDeBras Club System - routine is a unique exercise system that combines functional and dynamic traction with sets of hand and arm-related activity. The routine is restorative and rehabilitative and can also be used for building strength in back muscle. The work-out series helps develop correct and effective movement skills and techniques along with the ability to harmoniously and fully utilize the body's ability to move.

The Club System training format was designed for fitness clubs and gyms, with the subsequent program releases updated every three months. The format of each training session is prepared for clients, whose levels of training may range from novices to avid sportsmen, and does not require any preparation or special skills. The practical part of the lesson may take up to 55 minutes, depending on the desired level of training, and consists of exercise sets that combine integrated stretching methods and concepts of natural human movement and balance. These sets, arranged in certain sequence, include posture training, flexibility exercises and functional training, done with elastic body bands, fitballs and the unique par terre on-floor exercise system. The routine is suitable for both the customers and the portdebras trainers.